Sunday’s Worship Preview

Sunday’s Worship Preview

Join us for an inspirational service

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Sunday School and Nursery Care

Rev. Dr. David Clark’s Sermon:
“The Need for Certainty, Structure and a World that Has Meaning”

One of the main attributes we learn about God is that God brings order out of chaos. As children of God, we have evolved largely because of our ability to recognize patterns. If our ancestors heard a roar from a bush they drew upon previous experience knew to run away from the bush. Children who have structure do better than those who have none. In many ways, we crave order, stability. Some of us seem hard-wired to thrive when things are most predictable and under control. How are you with change? Of course, too much stability makes things boring and sets us up for unrealistic expectations. How can you get your need for order met in a way that doesn’t turn you into an inflexible  “control freak?” 

Sometimes people turn religion into a life-draining set of rules. They use structure as a way of condemning and judging others. All judgment, no grace. Learn how can you use spiritual resources to help you trust in a God who brings the order and meaning you need into your life.

Scripture Lesson: Psalm 40:1-11

Chancel Choir Anthem: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Sunday worship–the perfect way to begin your week.
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