Sunday’s Worship Preview

Sunday’s Worship Preview

Join us for an inspirational service

Rev. Dr. David Clark’s Sermon: Reframing the “Good Life”

Living for one’s self with minimal concern for others is a popular option in our affluent society. Hedonism never provides the good life. Psychologists have described the dangers of “hedonic adaptation.” Shortly after you finally get the thing you desire, you stop desiring it and begin desiring something else. We might also call this Restless Heart Syndrome. Scripture shows the cure to Restless Heart Syndrome is to cultivate gratitude. Be thankful for what you already have. Train your mind with disciplines of gratitude.  

Scripture Lesson: Ecclesiastes 2:3-13  
Lay Reader: Connie Woolsey

Special Prelude beginning at 9:20 am: Sarah Lemmis, oboe
Handel’s Aria and Rondinella, Haydn’s Allegro Moderato and The Flower Duet from Delibes’ Lakme’
Bay Shore Bells: Simple Gifts
Quartet: Morning Has Broken
Chancel Choir: Come, Christians, Join to Sing

Flowers on the altar are given by Phyllis Hart and David Smyrl in celebration of their 8th wedding anniversary.
Flowers in the niche are given by Bob and Susie Laubacher in celebration of Holly’s 33rd Birthday.

Greeter: Silvia Barger

Sunday worship–the perfect way to begin your week.
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