Men’s Group

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group meets for bagels and coffee the second Saturday of each month. They share in spiritual reflections, life-hacks, and lessons learned through their own life experiences.

This time it is rocket science!

Bay Shore’s own Peter Hogenson will give a presentation on his time with the space program. So much of our scientific knowledge and discovery in space has benefited from his leadership and expertise. He led the team that was in charge of the heat-tiles for the space shuttle program. He is still active in the industry and he has a wealth of experience and stories to share about development and implementation of some of the most important components of our space program. Join us!

Peter A (Pete) Hogenson
Peter (Pete) Hogenson has held engineering, management and program management positions in Thermal Protection and Thermal Management Systems at Rockwell International and Boeing on programs including the Space Shuttle Orbiter, X-43 (Hyper X) hypersonic test vehicle, X-37A re-useable orbital research vehicle and X-51 hypersonic development missile. He led the Materials and Processes Engineering Group during the development and operations of the Orbiter TPS including carbon/carbon and high-temperature seal components. For five years he
was a consultant on the carbon/silicon carbide heat shield for the European Space Agency Hermes re-useable Space Station supply vehicle. He was also responsible for the development of the Orion prototype ablative heat shield, on-orbit repair of damaged Shuttle Orbiter carbon/carbon leading edges after the Columbia disaster and X-37A on-orbit experiments. Mr.Hogenson has been awarded patents for several advanced TPS materials and design concepts.


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