New Members Gather Before Worship

New Members Gather Before Worship

Bay Shore Church will receive new members during our worship service on August 25th. If you are interested in joining, please contact the church office

We invite those wishing to join to gather in the small dining room that is next to the kitchen at 9:00 am prior to the service. Our Parish Outreach Team will help you feel comfortable about what happens during the service and they will give you materials that will help you feel connected to the church. They’ll also take your picture and make sure we have the right contact information for you.

We receive new members relatively early in the service. Children are welcome to come forward with their parents who are joining. The pastors will introduce you to the congregation and lead you through the vows of discipleship.

After the vows of discipleship, our church moderator will lead the congregation in reciting our Bond of Union. At the conclusion of the joining ceremony, on behalf of the whole congregation, the pastors and moderator will shake hands with you offering you, “the right hand of Christian fellowship.” This is a traditional way of saying we’re delighted to be in covenant with you in ministry.

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