Looking for a Church?

Looking for a Church?

Looking for a Church? Give Bay Shore Church a Try!
By Darlene Gidley, Bay Shore Church Member

So, you are thinking about (maybe) finding a church that feels right for you.  Perhaps you went to church as a child, but life happens, you got busy, and time just went by—20 years, 30 years, 40 years.  Now, maybe the time is right, but where to start?  Maybe you feel uncomfortable going to a new church—you don’t know the routine, you don’t know when to stand up or sit down, everyone seems to know each other, but you don’t know anyone, and you are by yourself.  To compound your endeavor to get back to church, you are not sure what a particular church’s foundational beliefs are.  Are they in keeping with your core values?  Does this sound like you??

As the saying goes, “Timing is everything”.  For the most part, while churches are legally allowed to be open for worship, many churches, including Bay Shore, have chosen to provide worship services online until public health officials deem it safe to physically gather in church.  This may be a good thing for someone looking for a church, but reluctant because of some or all the reasons mentioned above.  Attending a church online allows you to sample churches without all the perceived awkwardness of going to a church for the first time.

Bay Shore Community Congregational Church “Bay Shore Church” in Long Beach, CA offers an excellent online worship experience that can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.  The premier starts at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, but the services are available to watch at any time going forward.  If you are looking for fellowship, you can join members of the church on Zoom after the premier on Sunday mornings.

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By the time we can physically meet again, you might feel comfortable enough to join us at church.  We hope you will see our church as “your” church home.