Next Steps

Next Steps

Let us get to know you

Ready to take the next steps on your spiritual journey? The pastors would love to get to know you and hear your story so that we can help you find the programs and activities that are right for you. You can contact our pastors at any time or attend one of our informal orientation sessions.

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Get to know others

Come to fellowship hall after worship or drop in on one of our activities or classes, such as the pastor’s class that meets this Sunday after worship. You can also check out our informal groups where you can meet other people who are glad to see you.

Commit to growth

We grow when we intentionally follow the teachings and example of Jesus. Thus, worshiping regularly, engaging in study, offering our gifts in service, and interacting with other believers are all forms of spiritual practice that help you feel closer to God. That’s why every Sunday we offer ways you can apply faith to daily life. We’re here to help you take the next steps on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Practices

We want to help you find spiritual practices that will be meaningful to you. Try our devotional materials and use our worship guides for spiritual growth ideas. Be sure to check out the resource page on our website. Yoga and meditation are other excellent ways to clear the mind and spirit. For that reason, we’re happy to host outside organizations who conduct classes on our campus.

Attend an Informal Orientation with the Pastors

Grab some refreshments after worship and head to Pastor Dave’s office for a relaxed, informal conversation where we can get to know each other and you can ask any questions you may have about Bay Shore including how to become a member. Childcare is included. Contact the church office for the date of the next orientation.

Join us in making a difference

Joining Bay Shore Church is a simple and joyful experience. Joining helps you remember that you take your spiritual life seriously and make it a priority. Because we are a congregational church, we depend on members to decide our future, shape our programs. Members get reduced rates for facility usage. When you are ready to join, please contact one of the pastors and we’ll make joining a spiritually enriching experience.