Contemplation & Spiritual Practice

Contemplation & Spiritual Practice

Welcome to our contemplation and
spiritual practice resource page!

We hope these resources will help you find some meaningful ways to engage in forms of spiritual practice, contemplation, meditation, and prayer that are a good fit for your personal needs and preferences and will help deepen your life of faith.

Join us during the month of June for after-worship discussions in Gabrielson Chapel about our sermon series on Christian Mysticism, what we can learn from the mystics, and how spiritual practice is a life-giving part of faith.

Helpful Websites
There are many resource pages available on the topic of contemplation and meditation. Here are a few.

Helpful Smart Device Apps
Some people find using a phone app to be a helpful tool in their practice.

Meditation & Yoga Opportunities at Bay Shore Church
We are so fortunate to have some wonderful partner organizations who facilitate contemplative practice at our church.