Series Preview

Series Preview

Choosing the Life of Joy: The Search for Contentment and Wellbeing. This series is designed to highlight the relevant and important topics of happiness and contentment. Happiness means something different to different people. Many, in our modern society, attempt to “find” happiness through material possessions, a new job, or even a significant other. In the end, though, these things often leave us just as empty as we were before. ‘The Search for Happiness’ flips this approach on its head, detailing the importance of removing the barriers to happiness that are inside of you. 

September 8 — Getting Your Thoughts Right. The qualities that we want—happiness, calm, peace, generosity, compassion, patience—are tied to training your mind in the right way to embrace them.  

September 15–Quieting Your Inner Critic. Are you too hard on yourself? Discover research-tested practices that have helped others quiet the inner critic.  

September 23–How to Let Go of Anger. Holding resentment eats away at your health and well-being. Scriptures offer advice for dealing with that anger. Learn a meditation exercise that can release the anger that consumes at you. 

September 29–Finding Purpose. (Susie Preaching). Happy people tend to have a sense of purpose in their lives? What is your purpose, the “why” of your life? What are you here for? Clue–it’s not about you.

October 6–Finding Awe in Every Step–How can we feel connected to the world around us and cultivate a sense of awe in the most unlikely of places. Try this happiness practice: The Awe Walk.  

October 13—Marathon Sunday no, AM worship.