Series Preview

Series Preview

August 4 thru September 1

Sermon Series: I’d Like to Believe, But…. Faith in the Digital Era 

There are lots of legitimate questions we wrestle with when we practice an ancient faith today. You don’t have to turn off your brain and reject what you’ve learned in other disciplines to be a person of faith. Find answers to the hard questions that will help you find a way into an authentic faith that you can feel good about.

August 4  I’d Like to Believe, But What about Science?  

Science seems to contradict scripture. How can we find the intersections of science and religion and differentiate the kinds of questions each discipline asks. 

August 11  I’d Like to Believe, But Can the Bible be Trusted? 

The Bible was put together through a complicated process. Despite its complicated history it still proves a source of revelation. The earliest Christians came to faith not through reading the Bible, but by having an experience of the risen Christ in their lives.

August 18 I’d Like to Believe but Christians seem so Judgmental and Hypocritical.

Despite the hypocrisy, despite the church’s failings, we aim for something higher. We aim to be a place of inclusion, of healing of grace for all–especially those who are hurting and marginalized. We are always trying to do better and there is much good that we do, too.  

August 25 I’d Like to Believe, but What about Other Religions? 

Are all religions basically about the same thing, seeking the same things, pointing to the same reality and expressing it in a multitude of ways? How can we practice our faith, be respectful of other expressions of faith and choose to follow Jesus in a committed way? What can we learn from other religions that can help us be better Christians?  

September 1  I’d Like to Believe, But How Can a Good God Allow so Much Evil? 

If God is real, then why doesn’t the Lord do more about all the awful things that happen? Why does God allow so much suffering? What does our faith have to say about the problem of evil?