Series Preview

Series Preview

Sermon Series: Soul Hunger: What We Learn From our Deepest Desires.

We all have basic emotional and spiritual needs that drive our choices and behaviors. When certain needs aren’t getting met, we will try to find some way of meeting them even–if it’s inappropriate. How do we identify and meet those needs in a healthy and intentional way? Discover faith resources that prevent self-sabotaging behaviors. 

January 12.  The Need to Feel Significant, Unique and Important. 

Baptism of the Lord Sunday.

Matthew 3:13-17

One of our most basic yearnings is a validation of our identity. We want to feel that our lives matter, that we are more than just a cog in someone else’s machine. We get insecure if we don’t get the validation we need and it often motivates all sorts of emotions and behaviors. Self-righteousness comes from here, as does self-pity. The need for attention, competition, desirability, rationalization, self-martyrdom and a host of other fascinating traits come from our sense of identity and validation. Advertisers spend a lot of time trying to convince us that this need can be met it we only buy their product or service. Baptism of the Lord Sunday reminds us that we have the validation we crave. We are the beloved of God, in whom God delights. Rediscover how the need to feel significant, unique and important are met in faith. 

January 19. The Need for Certainty, Structure and a World that Has Meaning.

Psalm 40:1-11

One of the main attributes we learn about God is that God brings order out of chaos. As children of God, we have evolved largely because of our ability to recognize patterns. If our ancestors heard a roar from a bush they drew upon previous experience knew to run away from the bush. Children who have structure do better than those who have none. In many ways, we crave order, stability. Some of us seem hard-wired to thrive when things are most predictable and under control. How are you with change? Of course, too much stability makes things boring and sets us up for unrealistic expectations. How can you get your need for order met in a way that doesn’t turn you into an inflexible  “control freak?” 

Sometimes people turn religion into a life-draining set of rules. They use structure as a way of condemning and judging others. All judgment, no grace. Learn how can you use spiritual resources to help you trust in a God who brings the order and meaning you need into your life.

January 26. TBA Guest Preacher Rev. Megan Owens

Feb. 2. The Need for Surprise, Variety, and Uncertainty. 

Matthew 4:12-22 (worship element mix-up)

Just as we have a need for order, we also have a need for uncertainty and surprise. The payoff of uncertainty is thrill and drama. We need to have certain elements of life that are not within our control so that we feel the catharsis when those elements are resolved. This is why we take risks. This is how we have fun. This is why we love movies and plays and stores. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Ever met someone who’s life is always in chaos, where everything is a drama? 

Feb. 9. The Need to Grow and Feel Like We are Making Progress 

TBA. Susie Preaching

Feb. 16. The Need for Connection and Love

Matthew 5:1-12. 

Feb. 23. The Need to Contribute, Share and See our Efforts Magnified.

 1 Corinthians 3:1-9