Drawn In Discussion Group

Drawn In Discussion Group

Drawn In Discussion Group

Do the words creative, God, fun, and meaningful flow well together for you? Then this is the group for you. Or if you are feeling stuck, or bored, or in a rut? Would you like to find practical ways to revive your spiritual life and apply the sermons to daily life?

Join this six-week discussion group led by Pastor Dave on Zoom at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings. The first session will be on April 14.

Join us on Zoom here:

Meeting ID: 562 433 0401
Passcode: 90803

Each session will contain prayer, a video featuring the author of the book that inspired the sermon series. The sessions will give a chance for you to reflect on the sermon from the previous Sunday and give you a chance to interact with others and explore the topic more deeply.

You don’t need to know anything about the Bible or church tradition to participate in this exciting opportunity. All you need is a desire to be engaged and an openness to other people’s ideas. Although it is not required, you may wish to purchase the book to deepen your experience. It’s available on Kindle.

Brian McLaren calls Troy Bronsink’s book, Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists and Jesus Followers, a “fresh vision of God that draws us into a new way of being.” In this series featuring in-depth conversations between Troy Bronsink and UCC pastor, Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D., we explore how God’s rhythms are manifest in creative life that is as sincere, vibrant, and artful as it is faithful to the scriptures. Each session presents concrete ways to find connection with the Holy. The series invites you to participate in new activities, exercises and ways of thinking that can help you forge a stronger connection with the Divine.