Social Concerns Conversation

Social Concerns Conversation

Be the Change You Wish to See:
Join our Social Concerns Conversation: Sunday, February 18

How should our church respond in an era where the call for justice, equality, and community well-being echoes louder than ever?  Our congregation has always been a beacon of hope and action.  Now, we can channel our collective passion into forming a group that will consider how our church can respond to the challenges of our times.  What resources are available from our denomination?  How can we hold important conversations in a safe environment?  Are there actions our church should take regarding issues affecting people in our area and worldwide?

On February 18th, right after our worship, grab a coffee and a donut and join us for an exploratory conversation in the Gabrielson Chapel.  Whether you have years of experience at Bay Shore Church or have a newly kindled fire to make a difference, your voice is crucial.

This gathering aims to explore the intersection of our beliefs with the pressing issues of our time, seeking to align our actions with our congregation’s core values of justice, healing, and equality.  By joining forces, we can identify and undertake meaningful initiatives that address immediate concerns and contribute to the long-term well-being of our community and beyond.  Let this meeting be the first step towards a journey of impactful advocacy, where together, we can forge a path towards a future that reflects the love and justice we hold dear.

We hope to see you there!