The Kin-dom Within

The Kin-dom Within

The Kin-dom Within Sermon SeriesSermon series banner kindom printed on green and yellow background

Sermon Series Description:
“The Kin-dom Within: Discovering God’s Presence in Nature, Self, Community, and World”

Join us for a four-week sermon series as we explore what it means to experience the Kindom of God in different dimensions of our lives. From the beauty of nature to the depths of our hearts and the community of faith to the world around us, we’ll discover God’s presence and purpose in all things.

Week 1:

“Look to the Day: Experiencing the Kin-dom of God in Nature” Experience the majesty of God’s creation and how we can discover God’s presence in the world around us. Through Psalm 19:1-6, we’ll reflect on the wonders of creation and how we can find inspiration and renewal through our connection with nature.

Week 2:

“The Kin-dom Within: Finding God’s Presence in Ourselves” Explore the depths of your own soul and discover God’s presence within. Through Luke 17:20-21, we’ll reflect on the inner journey of faith and how to cultivate a deeper awareness of God’s presence within ourselves.

Week 3:

“One Anothering: Finding the Kin-dom of God Among Christian Community” Join us as we explore how we can discover the Kin-dom of God in the Christian community. Through Hebrews 10:23-25, we’ll reflect on the importance of caring for and inspiring one another and how we can create a more vibrant and loving community of faith.

Week 4:

“Living Hope: Envisioning the Kin-dom of God on Earth” Reflect on our hope for a better world and what it means to envision the Kin-dom of God on earth. Through Isaiah 65:17-25, we’ll explore the promise of a new heaven and earth and how we can work towards a world more closely reflects God’s Kin-dom. Join us this Memorial Day weekend as we find inspiration and hope in the promise of a better future.